[off-topic] [ANN] GlassFish now support Bayeux Spec 1.0

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[off-topic] [ANN] GlassFish now support Bayeux Spec 1.0

Jeanfrancois Arcand-2

The GlassFish v2 (9.1ur1) cometd implementation (aka gCometd) has been
updated to the Bayeux 1.0 specification, hence the latest DOJO toolkit
can again be used with Glassfish 9.1ur1 b08.

Since the Bayeux spec is not final and since I consider Grizzly's Cometd
implementation beta (no testing support from Sun...yet ;-)), users of
GlassFish v2 (9.1ur1) will eventually have to patch their implementation
to make it working with the final version of the Bayeux spec or move to
GlassFish v3 :-)

GlassFish v3/Grizzly 1,6,x cometd implementation will continue to evolve
until Bayeux Spec is 1.0 FCS :-)


-- Jeanfrancois

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