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Ukyo Virgden-2
Hi Erik,
Thanks. I'm looking forward to it.
On 2/22/08 11:34 AM, "Ukyo Virgden" <[hidden email]> wrote:

 > Hi,
 > I'm a total newbie on Grizzly. After having experienced NIO
 > complexities first hand, I've decided to give Grizzly a try.
 > My requirements are simple. I need to develop a simple TCP server
 > which a couple of clients will connect and send XML documents of size
 > 2-4K as fast as possible.
 > For simplicity I'm thinking about developing a connection based
 > protocol where each client identifies itself, starts sending XML
 > documents, and after the last document, closes the connection.
 > My questions are
 > 1/ Is possible to easily implement this in Grizzly?
 > 2/ How do I start? The download page contains LOTS of directories.
 > 3/ Are the any examples?
 > 4/ I'm using netbeans for development but I don't prefer uing maven.
 > What would be the best way to stat developing with Grizzly in
 > netbeans. I'd like to be able to access javadocs within netbeans

I have a small tutorial for writing a client with Grizzly near  
completion. I
hope to put it on the mailing list tonight or during the weekend. It  
help you out a bit.

Erik Svensson, SIX AB

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