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I would like to know, how can I test my protocol filter. I would like to simulate, using unit tests, a truncated message.


I try invoking the connectorHandler’s send() method twice (part1 and part2 of my message) with a Thread.sleep in between but the protocol parsers doesn’t think tokens are missing, it sees the two different operations as two different message. Does this has something with TCP/IP where the stack is configured to “know” the packet received has been truncated or do I need to investigate my ProtocolFilter further. How should I test this?


            client.connect(new InetSocketAddress(InetAddress.getLocalHost(), serverPort));

            ByteBuffer outputByteBuffer1 = ByteBuffer.wrap(new String("\r\nPA").getBytes());

            ByteBuffer outputByteBuffer2 = ByteBuffer.wrap(new String("SS\r\n\0").getBytes());