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Proxy implementation

Karsten Ohme

the proxy is now working, well it throws sometimes a
closedConnrctionException exception, but often enough for a test it
works. I have found the error. I assumed that Context can be used to
store global attributes, but unfortunately the attributes are only
for the current event. The performance of my implementation is quite
poor and cannot compete.
I write all data I have received in the ProxyFilter in blocking mode.
The ProtocolFilter chain is executed in a separate thread, so can this
cause decreases in performance? As far as I see by default 20
threads are executed by the Pipeline. For every SelectionKey event the
pipeline is executed. What happens if more Pipelines need to be

I have attached my Tunnel implementation with Grizzly.

I have also attached a test scenario result picture tested with JMeter.
I have tested the performance to a Tomcat server.


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