Project Grizzly 1.5.1 (alpha) released

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Project Grizzly 1.5.1 (alpha) released

Jeanfrancois Arcand-2

Project Grizzly 1.5.1 has been released and marked as alpha. The reason
for marking the release as alpha is mostly because we have made a lot of
addition since 1.5.0 and would like to ask the community to test it. We
recently got a lot of good feedback and would like to make sure every
user of grizzly can test with 1.5.1.

Our goal is to release soon 1.5.2 as a stable release very soon.

What changed from 1.5.0:

+ Make RoundRobinSelectorHandler protocol independent
+ Refactor SSL so it can be used with the TCP implementation
+ Client now execute on their own thread instead of the Selector Thread.
+ Added RCM/Virtualization support
+ Added JRuby module to the Project
+ Non Blocking Client side support via interface ConnectorHandler
   (TCPConnectorHandler, UDPConnectorHandler)
+ ConnectionManagement/Cache added and integrated
+ Asynchronous OP_WRITE support added
+ Controller can support more that one SelectorHandler simultaneously
+ Started jruby support
+ Comet API now support asynchronous read/write from a CometHandler

The 1.5.1 release contains ready to use component:

+ an embeddable http-based server [bundles/]
+ an embeddable comet server []
+ an embeddable jruby on rail server []
+ an embeddable rcm/virtualization server
+ an embeddable cometd server []

The binary are available here:

The ready to use components are available here:


-- Jeanfrancois

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