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Grizzly (GlassFish) Community Awards

Jeanfrancois Arcand-2

This year, the GlassFish Community Awards (GAP) program is giving away
$175,000 (USD) in cash prizes for the best bug reports and other
contributions to the GlassFish community. Contributions include:

     * Develop a Grizzly application or plugin
     * Create Grizzly blueprints and/or documentation
     * Develop Grizzly curricula or tools courseware that are localized
and technology focused
     * Setup a Grizzly users group
     * Create a localized Grizzly portal
     * Promote Grizzly at a university
     * Conduct research to improve Grizzly

See the Project Ideas[1] page or the Grizzly's issues list [2] for
additional information, and the GAP Rules for the details on creating an
Entry. Email your Entry to [hidden email].

Looking forward to seeing a lot of creative submissions!  Don't miss out
on the prizes.  Send in an Entry today to make money with the monster!

-- Jeanfrancois


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