Grizzly Comet and AV and firewall programs

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Grizzly Comet and AV and firewall programs

John C. Turnbull

I have found that my usage of Comet (and perhaps anyone’s usage of Comet) doesn’t play well with certain AV programs and software firewalls.


Specifically I am using Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 7.0.  I found that if I enable web anti-virus detection then Comet gets blocked unless I add the URL into the trusted sites.  It seems that the AV program can detect that the traffic over the HTTP port is not true HTTP by using heuristics and thus suspects it’s a virus.  Also, anti-banner protection blocks it in a similar manner.


This is actually a serious problem as I don’t want people to go to my website and find it doesn’t load at first attempt for these reasons as they will probably never come back and they certainly won’t fiddle with their AV or firewall until it works.


Any thoughts?