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FW: Grizzly Comet hasn't been registered

John C. Turnbull

Maybe it has something to do with the way I am invoking the servlet.  What is the correct way?  These I have tried:






Which (if any) is correct?  All produce the same exception.






From: John C. Turnbull [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Friday, 4 January 2008 07:47
To: '[hidden email]'
Subject: Grizzly Comet hasn't been registered


I am trying to implement the chat example that Jean-Francois used in his blog but I get this exception in the same place that other people have reported it in the past (namely cometContext.addCometHandler(handler); in doPost()) only I have checked that the context used to invoke the servlet is the same as that in its mapping configuration.  I am using the latest Grizzly.


Are there other possible reasons for getting this exception?  The servlet mapping is “/ChatServlet” and the code to register it is:


        contextPath = config.getServletContext().getContextPath() + "/ChatServlet";


The chat.jsp used to invoke the servlet has:



  <iframe src ="/examples/ChatServlet?action=openchat" name="CometChat" width="100%" scrolling="auto"> </iframe>

  <iframe name="post" src="post.jsp" width="100%" scrolling="no"/>




Any ideas?