[ANNOUNCE] Grizzly 2.3.19 has been released!

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[ANNOUNCE] Grizzly 2.3.19 has been released!

Hey Folks,

The Grizzly Team is happy to announce the release of Grizzly 2.3.19!

The artifacts are available on both maven.java.net and central.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and/or patches for this release!

As usual, if there are additional suggestions on how to improve Grizzly going forward,
or if a problem is discovered, please let us know via one or more of the suggestions
on our contribution info page [3].

 - The Grizzly Team

[1] https://java.net/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=10005&version=17109

[2] http://java.net/jira/browse/GRIZZLY
[3] https://grizzly.java.net/contribute.html

Release Notes - grizzly - Version 2.3.19

** Bug
    * [GRIZZLY-1710] - Welcome page (index.html) not found if classloader is an URLClassLoader (pointing to a different JAR)
    * [GRIZZLY-1733] - Cannot setup session timeout
    * [GRIZZLY-1734] - HeapBuffer heap array position
    * [GRIZZLY-1735] - FilterChainBuilder logic (updating an existing FilterChain) is wrong and it has to be fixed
    * [GRIZZLY-1741] - WebSocketApplication further handshake validation
    * [GRIZZLY-1742] - InputBuffer.reset() might reset to a incorrect Buffer position
    * [GRIZZLY-1743] - sun.misc.* is not always visible in OSGi env
    * [GRIZZLY-1746] - ProtocolHandler does not provide ClosingFrame

** Improvement
    * [GRIZZLY-1737] - Support SNI TLS extension by default without requiring SNIFilter and associated module
    * [GRIZZLY-1739] - Extend HandshakeListener to notify about failures