[ANN] pribilof, a new module for Grizzly

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[ANN] pribilof, a new module for Grizzly

charlie hunt-3
To further commemorate Grizzly's open source birthday, Project Grizzly
is happy to announce the creation of a new module called pribilof which
will provide an RTP (real time protocol) implementation using
Grizzly.  The name pribilof was chosen as the module name since the
Pribilof Islands Artic Fox is a subspecies of the Artic Fox, (see
attached jpg).  Both the Pribilof Fox and Grizzly roam regions of the Artic.

The pribilof module can be found in the Project Grizzly source code
repository in the grizzly/trunk/contribs/pribilof directory.

Miroslav Nachev, a member of the Grizzly community, will be guiding the
development of the pribilof module.

charlie ...

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