ANN] Project grizzly 1.7.1 released

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ANN] Project grizzly 1.7.1 released

Jeanfrancois Arcand-2

Project Grizzly 1.7.1 has been released and voted as alpha. Big thanks
to the community who gives us great feedback since 1.7.0!

Bundles and jars can be downloaded from here:

What changed since 1.7.0:

+ Add fix for 46: KeepAliveStats doesn't register when connections are
closed. [http]
+ Add the ability to decide if a CallbackHandler needs to be invoked by
the same thread as its SelectorHandler, or using a Pipeline. [grizzly]
+ Add new set of API to improve/speed up HTTP extensions [http-utils]
+ Add a new Servlet launcher module [http-servlet]
+ Refactorize http modules by moving com.sun.grizzly.tcp to http-utils
+ Fix SSL issue #50 ( Remote host
closed connection during handshake) [grizzly]
+ Fix issue with publish/missing fields in Bayeux [cometd]
+ Fix pollContext loading order [grizzly]
+ Fix InboundConnectionCache: When calling responseSent, cache should
check if connection was closed before [grizzly]
+ Allow CometContext customization name [comet]
+ Fix issue 37: Implementation of Controller.pause/resume,
SelectorHandler.pause/resume, dynamic
Controller.addSelectorHandler/removeSelectorHandler. Implemenation of
StateHolder object, which is able to hold the state and provides API for
sync. state access and registering state change listeners [grizzly]
+ Fix issue 43: need a way to pass the exceptions generated in filters
to the Grizzly user  [grizzly]
+ Update JRuby to 1.1RC1 [jruby]
+ Better exception handling: If exception happened on execution phase -
postExecute will be called on all Filters, which were successfuly
processed before [grizzly]
+ Expose Request/Response object so it is possible to get information
about the current connection. [http]


-- Jeanfrancois

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