[ANN] Project grizzly 1.7.0 released: biggest release ever!

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[ANN] Project grizzly 1.7.0 released: biggest release ever!

Jeanfrancois Arcand-2

Project Grizzly 1.7.0 has been released and voted as beta (This is our
biggest release ever!!!!).

What changed since 1.6.1:

+ Fix Issue 369: Huge memory leak found when using JNLP
+ Port Cookies security issues reported on the Apache malling list
+ Add Security SSL/CRL support
+ Fix Issue 3115: Problem with HttpServletResponse.getWriter().println()
after it printed a string with multibyte characters
+ Fix for 6526113: virtual server throws bad request for static docs
when default webmodule is set
+ Bring Cometd implementation compatible with the DOJO Foundation's
Bayeux specification 1.0
+ Add Async Write Queue suppor
+ Add Async Read Queue support.
+ Add support for sharing global data between ProtocolFilter
+ Add support for a simple Continuation interface which support all
version of Grizzly (first user: dwr.dev.java.net).
+ Add SelectorThread.listen(), which start the http WebServer without
+ Add new modules for creating automatically ready to use bundles
+ Rename all artifacts from name to grizzly-name: framework.jar ->
+ Upgrade JRuby to 1.1b1
+ Added new tutorials on how to use Grizzly with Netbeans
+ Fixed multiples issues reported by the community.
+ Added a new class: Grizzly that contains the current version.

Product like ICEFaces, DWR, Jetty, Sailfin, OpenESB, Phobos, RESTlet,
Jersey (JAX-RS), GlassFish v3, etc. are now part of the family :-)

Congratulation to the community!!

-- Jeanfrancois

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