[ANN] Project Grizzly 1.6.0 released

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[ANN] Project Grizzly 1.6.0 released

Jeanfrancois Arcand-2

Project Grizzly 1.6.0 has been released and marked as beta.

What changed since 1.5.2:

+ Add a new property to enable pipelined message execution using the same
+ Optimize the ReadFilter to delegate control as soon as bytes are
+ Refactor the SelectionKeyHandler to associate allow one per
instead of one per Controller.
+ Port SSL/Handshake fix from Grizzly 1.0 [GlassFish Issue 1710/3476]
+ Port maxKeepAliveRequests fix from Grizzly 1.0 [GlassFish Bug 6597297]
+ Add support for japex
+ UDP: register SelectionKey just for corresponding events: OP_READ for
read(), OP_WRITE for write()
+ Expose client side TCP configuration
+ Expiring of SelectionKeys should not be mandatory [Issue 21]
+ tcpNoDelay needs to be explicitly assigned on the Connector [Issue 22]
+ bugfix: when SelectorThread is being initialized in one thread
(preSelect called) it's possible that connect() method is called from
other, so 2 different
opConnectToRegister instances created -> connection will never be done
+ Improve Rails integration
+ Added NetBeans IDE 6.0 SQE Plug-in tutorial.
+ Allow the configuration of the ByteBuffer type associated with the
WorkerThreadImpl created by the DefaultPipeline.
+ Extend the ByteBufferFactory to allow the creation of all the different
ByteBuffer Type
+ Deprecate SelectionKeyHandler register/expire interface to fix issue 21.
+ SSLConnectorHandler read operation returns not flipped ByteBuffer.
+ Fixed SSLReadFilter to be able to process chunked secured data, which
during several main Selector cycles

The 1.6.0 release contains ready to use component:

+ an embeddable http-based server [grizzly-http-webserver-1.6.0.zip]
+ an embeddable comet server [grizzly-comet-webserver-1.6.0.zip]
+ an embeddable jruby on rail server [grizzly-jruby-webserver-1.6.0.zip]
+ an embeddable rcm/virtualization server [grizzly-http-webserver-1.6.0.zip]
+ an embeddable cometd server [grizzly-cometd-webserver-1.6.0.zip]

The binaries are available here:


The ready to use components are available here:



-- Jeanfrancois

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