[ANN] Port unification now available in Project Grizzly

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[ANN] Port unification now available in Project Grizzly

Jeanfrancois Arcand-2

Kudo to Alexey, the Grizzly's port unification[1] used by GlassFish v2
(Grizzly 1.0) is now available as a sub module in Project Grizzly.

Port unification allow any server base application to support more than
one protocol using a single tcp/udp/tls port. As as example, GlassFish
v2 by default listen on port 8080 for http, https and Soap over tcp

Any volunteer to writes docs or tutorial? :-) :-)

Port Unification is currently available with version 1.6-SNAPSHOT and
soon with 1.6.1.

-- Jeanfrancois


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